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Privacy Policy

We do not collect personal information about you or your business without your knowledge, period.

The internet has certainly provided a number of novel and capable technologies for invading your privacy. We refuse to use those technologies.

We do use cookies in a limited way as part of the Google Analytics tracking  program. This is done primarily to gauge the effectiveness of our marketing and of the content on various pages in this website. We do not gather any personal identifying information as a result of doing this. (Google probably does, however, we don't get access to that information.)

We are also affiliated with so that we can take a small (Ok, very small) piece of the sale if you decide to buy a book by clicking on a link on this site.  At that point you are on Amazon's site and subject to their privacy policies.

The only way that we currently collect any information that can identify you is when you click on an e-mail link on one of our pages.

When you do this, it will be very clear that you are about to send us information. Your email software will appear and you will be able to choose whether to send us an email. The address to which you are sending this email will be very clearly identified in the Send To field.

We Don't Sell Your Personal Information

We do not sell or trade information that your provide to us on this site, period.

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