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Visual Fit Assessment

When troubles arise with using Visual, it is common to blame the software. That is fair, after all Visual Enterprise is no more perfect than any other piece of complex software. However, when the irritations become great enough, the question inevitably arises; “is Visual Enterprise right for us?

Reality continues to ruin my life.
-- Bill Watterson

It is a valid question. Visual Enterprise is a powerful and capable software package that works well for many manufacturers. However, manufacturing encompasses a huge range of activities from small CNC Machine Shops to auto plants and oil refineries. No software package, no matter how capable is going to handle the complexities of all those businesses equally well.

Visual can be used very effectively in some manufacturing businesses. The real question is; is your business one of those for which Visual Enterprise can work?

I can help you answer that question. I am Kurt B. Carr and I have years of experience helping a broad range of manufacturers use Visual Enterprise to better run their businesses. This has given me a wealth of knowledge about Visual Enterprise, manufacturing businesses and which ones can gain real benefit from using Visual.

The Fit Analysis is a one-day program that is designed to quickly determine whether Visual Enterprise has the potential to work in your business. The focus is on understanding your business and what is required to support your order cycle. The day follows this agenda:

  • Morning:
    • Introductions to executive team.
    • Company Review:
      • Markets
      • Goals and Objectives
      • Challenges
    • Plant Tour
    • Meet with key personnel to review perceived problems with Visual.
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon:
    • In depth review of order cycle. How are orders taken and fulfilled.
      • Sales
      • Engineering
      • Manufacturing/Production Control
      • Purchasing
      • Inventory Control
    • Wrap-up Review and delivery of preliminary findings.

Because I am not affiliated with the company that sold you Visual, nor with the company that wants to sell you something else, I can provide an unbiased assessment of your needs and how well Visual Enterprise can be used to fit those needs.

Call (941.776.3830) or email me today to learn how I can help you figure out if Visual is the one for you.

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