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Visual Enterprise Refresher Training

Years ago, you and your team attended classes worked with countless consultants and learned how to use Visual Enterprise inside and out. Now, however, that hard-earned knowledge has grown fuzzy.

"Excellent firms don't believe in excellence - only in constant improvement and constant change."
-- Tom Peters 

If it feels as if your team is not using Visual Enterprise to its maximum potential, perhaps it is time to refresh some of the knowledge that once energized your embrace of Visual. The Visual Refresher Course is a one-day, on-site course that is designed to reinvigorate your team and help them find new and innovative solutions to the problems that currently dog your business.

Topics covered include:

  • Common features and cool tricks
  • Tools of the Trade, setting up Visual for performance:
    • Customers
    • Vendors
    • Parts
    • Shop Resources
    • Engineering Masters/Quote Masters/Work Orders
  • Quoting & Order Intake
  • Scheduling Capacity and Creating Lead-time
  • Managing Materials
  • Developing Execution Reflexes
  • Tracking Progress
  • Improving Performance with the Information in Visual

I am Kurt B. Carr and I have years of experience in teaching companies how to use Visual Enterprise as a tool to operate effectively and achieve success. Call (941.776.3830) or email me today for a refreshing reimmersion in Visual Enterprise.

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