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Visual Enterprise Consulting

You bought Visual Manufacturing, suffered through a complex and expensive implementation and now you sorely need results. Making Visual work is not a matter of clicking a couple of buttons or applying some deep geek secrets. Visual is a tool that is focused on making your business work better and smarter. I have the years of experience needed to help your team use that tool to accomplish amazing things.

"Figure who you are; then do it on purpose."
-- Dolly Parton

With my assistance, Visual Manufacturing can become a powerful tool for building the success of your manufacturing business. It does this by providing a framework that encourages strong processes, open communication and the elimination of bottlenecks. When properly implemented, Visual can be a key component of the capability that you need to succeed in the new world of manufacturing.

Just as it takes a good mechanic to tune your car, it takes someone like me to make your Visual ERP system a powerful agent for the success of your business. With years of experience in manufacturing and Visual Enterprise implementation, I understand what it takes to drive your Visual installation over the finish line.

I am Kurt B. Carr and I have years of experience in teaching companies how to use Visual Enterprise as a tool to operate effectively and achieve success. Call (941.776.3830) or email me today to learn how I can help you use Visual Enterprise even better.

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