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Wierd Uses of Visual Enterprises

These are a few of the wierdest uses for Visual Enterprise that I have helped to implement.

  • I assisted a company that manufactured the underpinnings of highway bridges.  The most unnerving thing that I took away from this implementation was the fact that bridges are sold by the pound.  I have never driven across one in the same frame of mind since!

  • I worked with a company that created training programs for large companies.  Visual Enterprise was used in a project management and costing mode.  They had previously used another manufacturing software package for the same purpose and so Visual felt normal and comfortable.

  • One of the first companies that I worked with had a serious planning problem.  They owned a patented technology that needed to be manufactured in Asia, close to their customers. 

    They purchased custom manufactured materials from a supplier in middle-America. Under normal circumstances these materials were shipped via rail to the west coast where they were loaded on a ship bound for Asia.  Once in Asia, they would be processed and sent to the customer.  However, when they misjudged requirements, materials would have to be air-freighted to Asia.

    They purchased Visual to plan materials and avoid air freight charges.

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