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I have been helping manufacturers work smarter since 1993. In that time I have worked intensely with over a hundred companies and trained thousands of new Visual Enterprise users. This is the short list of some of the companies that I have helped.

  • Capital equipment manufacturer of tube and pipe mills.

  • Electronics contract manufacturer.

  • Manufacturer of induction heat treating capital equipment.

  • Custom fabrication and assembly shop.

  • Custom assembly-machine designer and manufacturer.

  • Materials test systems capital equipment manufacturer.

  • Manufacturer of custom expansion joints.

  • Manufacturer of embroidery machines.

  • Manufacturer of air curtains for architectural applications.

  • Manufacturer of energy recovery systems for buildings.

  • Many CNC job shops.

  • Manufacturer of custom retail fixtures.

  • Environmental test chamber manufacturer

  • Cutting tools manufacturer

  • Custom engineered transformers manufacturer.

  • Steel and carbide industrial knife manufacturer.

  • Product identification systems manufacturer.

  • Manufacturer of steel mill rolling and slab casting equipment.

  • Manufacturer of agricultural equipment and components.

  • Manufacturer of rod and bar steel mill equipment.

  • Customizer and remanufacturer of HVAC equipment.

  • Manufacturer of industrial slides, chassis, electronic enclosures and accessories.

  • High-volume stamper specializing in plumbing markets.

  • Manufacturer of reaction injection molding capital equipment

  • Laser and incandescent alignment equipment manufacturer.

  • Manufacturer of boroscopes for industrial applications.

  • Maker of custom canvas covers and accessories.

  • Manufacturer of color coded filing systems and supplies.

  • High-volume provider of large sheet metal fabrications.

  • Tire, rubber and plastics machinery manufacturer.

  • Manufacturer of steel and paper coating equipment.

  • Custom designed purification and absorption capital equipment for industrial applications.

  • Manufacturer of complex, precision machined components for the auto industry.

  • High volume sheet metal fabrication and stamper. Contract manufacturer of electronics and computer systems housings.

  • Manufacturer of cement mixers.

  • Provider of large-scale machining and fabrication services.

  • Manufacturer of lubricant recovery equipment.

  • Manufacturer of vechicle seats.

  • Contract electronics manufacturer.

  • Manufacturer of rubber batch-off machinery.

  • Tire machinery manufacturer.

  • Manufacturer of advanced laser cutting and burning systems for industrial applications.

  • Manufacturer of dumpsters.

  • Manufacturer of steam turbines for electric power generation.

  • Precision metal forming.

  • Hydraulic press manufacturer.

  • Manufacturer of custom metal enclosures for electronics industry.

  • Rubber and silicone mold maker.

  • Maker of custom packaging solutions for consumer products.

  • Manufacturer of injection molded and die cast hardware.

  • Provider of noise and vibration control engineering services and products.

  • Ductile iron foundry.

  • Manufacturer of floral industry supplies.

  • Custom cold formed and machined parts.

  • Manufacturer of structural steel for bridges and buildings.

  • Manufacturer specializing in high-volume stamping and aluminum extrusion fabrication.

  • Manufacturer of packaging products and material handling systems.

  • Manufacturer of solid surface counters, sinks and shower enclosurers.

  • Manufacturer of specialty gear boxes.

  • Manufacturer of engineered fastening solutions.

  • Innovative screw machine parts manufacturer

  • Sheet metal fabrication and manufacturer of cargo trailers.

  • Customized leadership training provider.

  • Manufacturer of air-liquid separators for industrial applications.

  • Towboat and barge equipment manufacturer.

  • Manufacturer of process valves and actuators for industrial applications.

  • Manufacturer of precision stainless steel castings.

I am Kurt B. Carr and I have years of experience in teaching companies how to use Visual Enterprise as a tool to operate effectively and achieve success. Call (941.776.3830) or email me today

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