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Stop the Burnout!

Stop the burnout with Visual Enterprise from Infor Global Solutions

The most common problem that most manufacturers encounter when they grow is that their key people burn out. This happened because when your business was smaller, it was possible for the Engineering Manager, the Controller and the General Manager to review every order and intervene in every problem.

This has built a culture where these people are required to weigh in on every decision and customer order, large or small. Every order that flows through your company gets treated as an exception, one that requires the personal attention of the most knowledgeable and important people in your organization. One person can only do so much in a day and soon these key assets, the people who helped you grow your company to its present state, have become roadblocks to further growth.

"I not only use all the brains I have, but all that I can borrow."
-- Woodrow Wilson

Visual Enterprise can’t solve this problem all by itself, but with help it can be a powerful tool for organizing communication and knowledge in a way that allows your key people to let go of routine orders and focus on the ones where their experience and expertise are truly required.

I am Kurt B. Carr and I have years of experience in teaching companies how to use Visual Enterprise as a tool to operate effectively and achieve success. Call (941.776.3830) or email me today to discuss ways in which you can return your most important people to the role of keystones instead of millstones.

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