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Handling Continuity and Change

Kurt B. Carr can help you deal with problems of Continuity and Change in your Business

These two aspects of the organization consume information in distinctly different ways. To support continuity, your employees need well defined processes and metrics that tell them whether things are working smoothly or compel them to take corrective action.

"Map out your future -- but do it in pencil"
-- Jon Bon Jovi

Reporting and other metrics designed for this aspect of your company will be:

  • Simple
  • Few in number
  • Easy to understand
  • Make the need for action immediately and urgently obvious
  • Nag when action isn't taken
  • Are trusted and routinely used
  • Stay out of the way when not needed

Most organizations fail miserably at providing appropriate management tools for ensuring continuity.

Reporting is seldom concise and oriented towards exposing exceptions. Most reports are data dumps which the reader must tease apart for meaning. Frequently the way that the data is presented obscures meaning and thwarts the taking of meaningful action. Most of the standard Visual Enterprise reports fall into this category.

The tools used to deliver information that support the continuity aspects of your business must be aligned to your overall strategy. You don’t want people making decisions and taking action that pulls the company away from its goals.

Supporting the change aspect of your organization requires the opposite approach. Reporting should not be well defined. Data is frequently presented in choppy, difficult to interpret spreadsheet-dumps that come straight from the deep, dark depths of Visual. When trying to drive change, the human brain’s unmatched ability to discern patterns and ask questions is your best analytical tool. In the change aspects of your business the whole reason that you are looking at the information is because it isn’t understood. You are asking questions not looking for guidance.

Understanding these differences is the key to developing a rational information strategy.

Developing an information strategy isn’t for techies or wimps. I am Kurt B. Carr and I have years of experience in teaching companies how to use Visual Enterprise as a tool to operate effectively and achieve success. Call (941.776.3830) or email me today to get strategic about using your company's information.

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